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Unbound Amsterdam

Breaking the boundaries & multidisciplinary 
16.09 –19.09.2021

“As Heraclitus said, ‘You can never step in the same river twice.’ "

joost Vandebrug

Press release Unbound

The new section Unbound explores the outer limits of the photographic universe. In the 700m2 Transformatorhuis hall at the fair, this section focusses on multidisciplinary photographic projects, often on monumental scale. The independent curator of the section for this edition is Marcel Feil, the former Artistic Director of photography museum Foam, who selected 14 projects relating to the central theme ‘Filling the Cracks’.

Press release work

As a lasting evidence of the temporary state the Danube river was once in, each screen represents a different moment in time. The installation consists of a single video loop of a drone scanning the Danube in bird’s-eye. Playback starts at the top screen and is repeated in the screens below, each time with a 21 second delay, until all screens are on and a joined up section of the river is formed.

Title series: Everything Flows

Year: 2021

5 Channel 4k colour video on 5x 4k monitors
 5 tracks stereo audio

Length: 2 min, 30, sec, Loop



1014 DD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Opening hours

Friday 17 September 11am – 9pm

Saturday 18 September 11am – 7pm

Sunday 19 September 11am – 7pm

joost vandebrug  installation still.jpg
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