Kevin Westenberg

Photographer Kevin Westenberg is famed for his creation of provocative and electrifying images of world-class musicians, artists and movie stars for over 25 years. His technique of lighting, colour and composition has helped to produce his own unique visual style.


Shortly after receiving an Architecture degree he moved to London where he’s been based since 1983. Westenberg is self-taught and learned his trade working for the UK inkies New Musical Express and Melody Maker mainly throughout the late 80’s and 90’s documenting amongst others all the UK ‘Britpop’ bands. 


The breakthrough came in 1993-1994 with the release of Sting’s ‘Ten Summoner’s Tales’ and Mary J Blige’s ‘Share My World’.  These two album covers changed the perception of the work worldwide and thus began a run of 20 years of commissions and choice opportunities.


For the last 25 years, his musical heritage includes portraits of BB King, Radiohead, Thom Yorke, White Stripes, Jane's Addiction, Sting, Bjork, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Luther Vandross, Nine Inch Nails, Stone Roses, The Pixies, Paul Weller, Rufus Wainwright, Michael Stipe, U2, Mary J. Blige, R.E.M, Black Sabbath, Massive Attack, BB King, The Rolling Stones, PJ Harvey, Marilyn Manson, Pete Doherty, Oasis, Tom Jones, Soundgarden, Jake Bugg, Bon Jovi and Paddy McAloon among many others. Also included are 100’s of albums, singles, magazine & book covers from around the world.


The work & interest also include a wide range of artists portraits beyond the music world.  David Lynch, Paul Auster, The Coen Brothers, Rupert Friend, Sir Tom Stoppard, Orla Kiely, Vincent Cassel, Audrey Tautou, Billy Bob Thornton, Ethan Hawke, Alan Rickman, Daniel Bruhl, Sean Penn, Shirley Henderson, Aaron Eckhart, Robin Wright, Rhys Ifans, Frances McDormand, Jean-Luc Godard, Ray Winstone, Michel Gondry and Naomi Watts are amongst these portraits.


Rolling Stone, Spin, Q, Time Out, Les Inrockuptibles, Vogue, Rockin On Japan, Esquire, New York Times Magazine, Telegraph and Observer Magazines, Interview and dozens of others around the world have commissioned him. 


The last 15 years he’s been a staff photographer at MOJO Magazine producing many covers and features. 

Most recently photographing Sir Paul McCartney for the cover story of the November.2013 issue 2012 saw 5 exhibitions around the world.

Westenberg’s biggest honour to date arrived in 2012 when he had his first major global museum show.  The location was the ‘Kobe Fashion Museum’ one of Japan’s largest museums.  The whole museum was dedicated to Westenberg’s works for a 3 month period. Over 70 images were included in a wide range of sizes, styles and presentation.  The catalogue produced sold out during the exhibition’s run. The 20-year attendance record for the museum was also broken by the exhibition.