Isabel Miquel Arques


Born November 19, Lleida (Spain).

Only child.
Mother pianist.
Father, businessman and amateur photographer.
Gave her first camera at the age of 10, a Kodak Instamatic 25 (still on her desk).

She is mostly a self-taught artist. Experimenting with all kinds of photography, from classical to pinhole cameras.
Growing up in a very rich cultural environment but spartan way of living, shaped her way of seeing life and applying photography. This sobriety makes her to work with the strictly basic, camera and natural light. Complicated sets and bulky props are to far away from her personality.

As a photographer she spent a long time trying to find her own way -between tradition and modernity- creating a path where her work is strong influenced by the art of painting in textures, colours and composition.
This is first to perceive in her photo book “Portret met garnaalkroket” (Portrait with schrimp croquet) published by Ludion, where she reflects the artistic Belgian scene by making the portraits of some of their most emblematic members, like Luc Tuymans, Jan Hoet, Michael Borremans, Stephan Vanfleteren, Dirk Braeckman, Jan Fabre…

Since then and living currently in Antwerp -after Barcelona, Amsterdam and London-, she has been fascinated by the relationship in history between her country of birth, Spain, and her country of adoption, Belgium.
The result of her studies and observations about this subject, along with her cogitations on the photography world of today are the core of her exhibition “Agitation”.

In her upcoming next solo exhibition (November 20, 2015) "Here be lions", she works with the concept of longing and the many forms it might take. In this case the influence and references to the cinema and the photographic negatives is clearly palpable.

On september 2015 she participated has invited artist in KADS (Art along the Schinkel) in Amsterdam. An audiovisual project based on art in public spaces. For more information please see Kads artist statement in her website.