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Gallery news 

A must see ! : Saturday March 13th opens the exhibition “ 1078 Blue Skies , 4432 days “ Anton Kusters

The Blue Skies Project is an installation of 1078 original peel-apart instant film images of blue skies by Anton Kusters, accompanied by a 13-year real time tracking audio piece by Ruben Samama.

The images were made during a five year journey to the last known location of every former Nazi Germany concentration camp. 1078 official concentration camps existed throughout Europe during the Nazi rule in Germany from 1933 to 1945.

The generative sound piece spans 4432 days and gives a single tone, a voice, to every known victim, in real time, retracing the actual timeline from the opening of the first concentration camp to the closing of the last one.

The Blue Skies Project is curated by Monica Allende

Sound artist Ruben Samama

Holland House is presenting Dutch photographer Joost Vandebrug  (working in Belgium).


Artist Joost Vandebrug works across several disciplines; photography, multi-media and film.


For this exposition 'TRIBUTARY', a selection of work around the river Danube is presented, taking the visitor on a river-journey across Europe.  


Exhibition is part of BrusselsPhoto Festival, and organised in collaboration with Unseen Amsterdam en Ingrid Deuss Galerie.

To see the works :

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  Ingrid Deuss Gallery

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Vulnerable Dimensions II - Sofie Middernacht | Maarten Alexander

Welcome to the Ingrid Deuss Gallery

Vulnerable Dimensions II - Sofie Middernacht | Maarten Alexander

E.K.T.I.N - Marianna Rothen

Pieces - Karel Fonteyne

The Transformation - Veronika Pot

Agitation - Isabel Miquel Arques

Vulnerable Dimensions II - Sofie Middernacht | Maarten Alexander

Vulnerable Dimensions II - Sofie Middernacht | Maarten Alexander

20 Years - Frieke Janssens

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