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At the gallery :



November 26 - January 18, 2023


Ingrid Deuss Gallery

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Joost Vandebrug - Exhilarating - E-I.jpg

Joost Vandebrug — EXHILARATING

25.09 — 19.11.2022

Ingrid Deuss Gallery




 Westergas Amsterdam, Klönneplein 1

15-18 September

*Booth 50

Joost Vandebrug

Gert Motmans

Isabel Miquel Arques

Frieke Janssens


Summer group exhibition — ABACUS

30.07 — 10.09.2022

Ingrid Deuss Gallery

Young talent in the spotlight !

Ramy Moharam Fouad

Ramy is a 21-year-old, Antwerp based, film director, photographer and creative director.

His passion for the audiovisual world is rooted in photography, where Ramy was able to experiment a lot during his teenage years. After participating in several competitions with his personal work, he started to roll into the backstage of various Belgian musicians and bands, following them around on tour. Always on the road with his brother, singer-songwriter Tamino, he created his visual identity during his breakthrough and still does. 

At that time he discovered an equally growing passion for moving images after he directed his first music video at the age of 16 for the song ‘Cigar’ by Tamino. He knew directing was his calling. From then on, Ramy has been directing many music videos for artists such as Tamino, Blackwave, IBE, Emma Bale and Selah Sue & designer JanJan Van Essche

When not on tour or working on a music video, Ramy mainly works on his shortfilms, telling his own stories. His most recent work is ‘Shadow, till you return’, a film he created together with Violet Braeckman was selected for kortfilmfestival Leuven 2020, Breedbeeld filmfestival 2020 en VERS filmfestival 2021

This year he will graduate from Luca School of Arts in his bachelor. We will sell some prints to support his shortfilm

Mail me for more info ! 

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  Ingrid Deuss Gallery

   Inviting artists to take over this account
   creating their own space.

   ENJOY !! And keep following them ! 

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Vulnerable Dimensions II - Sofie Middernacht | Maarten Alexander

Welcome to the Ingrid Deuss Gallery

Vulnerable Dimensions II - Sofie Middernacht | Maarten Alexander

E.K.T.I.N - Marianna Rothen

Pieces - Karel Fonteyne

The Transformation - Veronika Pot

Agitation - Isabel Miquel Arques

Vulnerable Dimensions II - Sofie Middernacht | Maarten Alexander

Vulnerable Dimensions II - Sofie Middernacht | Maarten Alexander

20 Years - Frieke Janssens

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